Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Ocean is Too Big

I see your head above the surface
in the sun’s frenzied rain
that dances on the sea

Moving toward me?

And beyond, a sailboat –like a ghost
Forever sailing
Longing for a shore. Like us.

The Ocean is too big
But still I feel you

The Ocean is too big
And yet I dare to cross each night
Hopeful and exhausted
Drenched in longing
Strengthened and Weakened all at once

I will paint this.

Drip my brush in mercury
Dip my brush in mist
Some marmalade

Some rays of night and sun and summer rain

Dip my brush in all the words that are yet formed

Dip my brush in longing
Then dip again.


  1. Lovely!
    Reminds me of my painting process....

  2. Marmalade and mercury... a deliciously disturbing and evocative piece ... thanks :-)