Tuesday, December 4, 2012



doctors have a way 
(of handing over news like this)
his eyes skewer me 
(through and through)
breach my skull and pin me to the air

yet somehow, the floor seems closer

doctors have a way
(of lending you their steady gaze)
as they grocery list how the world just ended

My first thought is that she will never dance again.
.No. My first thought is that she will.

Eyes pinned
I stay afloat in a sea of shock
and dare to watch his lips move


and I am several inches closer to the floor

(like your spine)

having legs makes no sense now
pinned to the air, like this

The Hush

This is the hush of earth as she's spinning
Here's the lament of yesterday gone
This is the sound of your dream as its dying
The death rattle rhythm that sings like a song

Here is the day feasting on darkness
Here is horizon swallowed by night
Here is the hammer that fell from the gods
never to strike with yesterday's might.

Here is the ocean moving like quicksand
This is the Moon that worships the tide 
Here are the waves that run from the shoreline
burying dreams with those who have died.

Here is the mountain and here is the desert
One is too cold and one is too dry
Here is tomorrow and here is today
drops in the river
of time passing by 

Woke up from the flannel of my dreams
and everything was blue
yet the crush of sleep against my skin
had promised something new
the night was swollen, wet with wish
that rained the desert dry
sun loosed my footing from the earth
and turned me to the sky

What beauty born
rooting your days
to the dry
spreading your losses
in loosed winds


in tongues

You arch across the day
from morning to moon
tempting a tremble
tempting a fall

much ado about decay

but what beauty born?