Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arms Open Wide

Heart and arms open wide
Leaping from that mountainside
We landed, wild, in waters calm
And though it hurt, there was a balm.
For in this pool, so strange and new,
You had me and I had you.
I had the moon, you had the sun
One dream ending, one begun
For treading where the water’s deep
The love goes with us when we sleep.
And though swept up in currents strong
We were not alone – but not for long.

For rapids lead to oceans wide
And each of us can feel the tide
That pulls us to a distant shore
Far apart, we swim no more.
Back up the stream-there is no way
And so begins a sadder day.
No climbing up that mountainside
Where once we leapt, arms open wide.

Your absence shall not break my heart
For it was broken from the start
And like a breath, I took you in
Knowing I’d breathe out again.
Best to rest here on the beach
And watch beginnings – out of reach
The endings are so swift, and yet
The start is harder to forget.
For tomorrow can not take away
The feeling we had yesterday.
And now for us I’m hoping for
The courage to still leap once more


  1. Hauntingly Beautiful. Love is sometimes harsh, distant & unwilling. Other times sweet, hopeful and fulfilling. Love is all.
    Cheryl/ aka Muffyjo

  2. This is so true of love - we start out with such high hopes and yet we know that most relationships will end. I love your analogy of leaping into love like jumping off a cliff, swimming in it until the currents pull you apart. Very nice piece.

  3. Muffy and Coin- I rarely look at comments and am so late responding t you both- but I do thank you for your appreciation of my poetry.