Monday, September 28, 2009

I Dreamed a Shore

I dreamed a shore
where the waves did not go out
the waves did not come in

crests frozen white
sand beneath captured in chaos
not asking to be swept up
not asking to be brought home
or brought anywhere

eternal and hidden
not having known the difference between the surface and the deep
the surface and the darkness
now dancing in the infinite tide that has ceased

pressed upon by the sheer will of the Moon
released now, in a havoc not understood

and the waves return to where they were first conceived
when I believed
that the tide would rock me gently
and keep the promise of that first rythym

Coming to me
Leaving from me
Coming to me


  1. I really enjoyed this one. You are very talented!

    The ocean rhythm reminded me of Harry Martinson's 'The Jellyfish Who Has No History, a great favourite.'

    I'll look forward to your posts.

  2. Thank you so much ! I appreciate your presence here and you lovely comments.

  3. I just had to leave a comment about your entry for the contest on Nathan Bransford's was amazing!

    I read the first two hundred entries, and yours was the only one that stuck in my mind, so much so that I had to track your blog down to tell you GREAT JOB!

    If you don't win, or get a runner up award, at least know you've seriously impressed one person out there :)

    Christi Corbett

  4. I Dreamed of a Shore is the first poem in months and months that has moved me to desire more from the author. For that feeling alone, thank you.

    Dina Rozelle Barnett
    on Twitter @ SinsoftheEldest

  5. Oh my goodness- when I need a lift I must remember to check for comments here! You have both made my day - honestly - you have no idea!

  6. Mirium,
    Well, it seems I have a good eye!

    Like I said on October 12th, your entry in the contest was very good. And now, Nathan agrees!

    I'm glad he picked you as a finalist. You deserve to win the whole thing and I voted for you.


  7. I am flattered - myself- I would vote for Travis hahaha But I am BLOWN AWAY to be a finalist!

  8. That's beautiful. I read it out loud which added to the cadence of waves coming in and out.
    I love it.

    the sand beneath captured in chaos
    not asking to be swept up
    not asking to be brought home
    nor brought anywhere

    My favorite part.

  9. That is my favorite part too! Thanks Jennifer!

  10. "eternal and hidden" these two words played the cords of my soul... the music of your verses makes me dance to those waves and their rhythm... Great verses! Blessings & Peace :)

  11. Laura- your words are uplifting to me - thank you so much

  12. This is beautiful the flow to and fro. Excellent! :) ~April