Saturday, June 11, 2016

Who Will Love the Crow

I am delighted to share with you the exciting news of my book release Who Will Love the Crow through Winter Goose Publishing. This is my debut solo collection and features the photography from Olivia MacDonald, my daughter, whose photographs I feature on my blog. Visit my author's page

Selected Amazon Reviews

"the poems speak to us all about intimate, as well as universal moments, both fleeting and permanently etched on our hearts."

"They're gorgeous themes and imagery elegantly packaged into a readable contemporary form that hearkens also back to romanticists. Her work is also rife with sensuality and tension. They're brooding and also hopeful."

"There is a simultaneous sense of integration and distance which invites the reader to thoughtfully consider and develop their own, unique relationship to the subject matter from a place of quiet stillness and peace."

"In Theme, tone, and content, Miriam Dunn's poetry speaks the language of the soul. Her innate gift for rhyming evokes emotional power by its fluid simplicity and seeming effortlessness."

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