Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Darkness in Me

The darkness in me was once a daybreak
that forgot to belong
the birth of a star
and the loss of a star
and the loss of a star
which all feel the same

The darkness in me
The darkness in me is the life that we live
and the love that gives life
and goes out in a beat
and the beat that’s in me
is the god and the end
and the no and the full 
The darkness in me is a seed
and a child 
as heat in a drought
the wind in the blue
The darkness in me is a love that is lost
and a day at the park
and a day in the rain
and a day in my bed
and a day walking sideways
and a day in a tub with a stranger
that's you

when there’s a message
when none has been sent
the chase through the snow
the reach for the phone
the close of a book
The darkness in me
is a leaf crushed and blown
fallen and withered
all that I've known
once a sunrise
the unknown life

is a word and a rhyme
and a keeping of time
that falls out of step

The darkness in me
the never and true
given away
wrapped and presented
The darkness in me is the static I hear

the sleep on the floor
not started, not done

returned to the sky
The darkness in me
is all that I've known
and all that I am

the moon and the sun

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