Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Will Disappear

I will disappear, slowly
like a dirt path beneath the falling snow; 
like a small bird in a large sky,
my bird eyes looking straight ahead and never back
until I  am in some other sky far from where I started.

I will disappear 
like the long crest of storm waves rushing 
to the curve of a sandy shore;

like white smoke from a small fire
rising upward into a cloudy day;

I will disappear like the echo of a Sunday bell
that stopped ringing just moments past 

not like one drowning
not like one fighting 
not like one falling
for these have no grace

not as a room when a door slams shut
or a voice when the phone is disconnected
for these are too sudden

I will disappear like last week's bruise
the blue beneath my skin, fading. 

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