Sunday, August 15, 2010


you in this
triangle with me –
it is a closed figure, true.
And why not a circle? Here, we can 
find our place in all things & meet at vertices ~ 
or retreat to our own side and look
across forever into each others’
eyes. We can know a true
beginning place. Then
know an ending.
And it will
be ex


  1. i absolutely love this. you are brilliant. this might be best original poem i have read on any blog.

    thank you. delighted.


  2. Oh my heavens! What a GRAND compliment! I wrote it as a comment to someone else's poem, actually- and thought "why not post it" - now I am glad I did! You are sweet!

  3. Have to agree with a.q.s. And I LOVE how you split ex/act. Brilliant.

    Can you check out my work? I'd really love feedback from you because you're one of the most thoughtful and perceptive bloggers/writers/poets I've encountered on

  4. Your poetry is always a joy to read.

  5. Thanks for letting me find you through the twitter. These are excellent poems. Nice use of the triangle in the one above, and Boy Hiding is full of all those things so hard to say in prose. Enjoyed it all.

  6. Vertices is fantabulous and so very clever. I love it and will now go about the business of reading more on your site. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ahhh...I've felt this for so long when I was there....but it brings out beautiful words.

  8. what a lovely poem - I love the visual aspect. I like experimenting with visual poetry as well. Lovely read! Thanks for sharing.

  9. WOW- I dont visit my blog enough! Your comments overwhelm me

  10. lol aaah Miridunn yes i get this so good I read your Vertices with a smile on my face and have beeN buzzing around reading your other works brilliant mizzYBeez!

  11. Very amazing use of form :)
    Enjoyed reading it!