Sunday, August 23, 2009


Some of my best friends are words. Serendipity is among my favorites. I enjoy the way it slides across my tongue, leaps from the roof of my mouth and bounces off my lips, its syllables so succinct, so pithy, even as one runs into another. And I like what it implies. It’s a windfall when one loves both the sound and meaning of an utterance. How challenging to love words for their sound alone! Take juxtaposition. I admire that word for its audacity. I would use it often if only it didn’t machine-gun into the air, a reign of bullets, indiscriminate assaults on ignorant ears.


  1. A wonderful way to think about words.Those delighful beasts!And how serendipitous for me to log on and see such a lovely post first thing. This thought will echo through my day now;I will occassionaly contemplate the way a particular word feels on my tongue and think of you :)