Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Have a Place

I have a place
With dark secret pathways
hours pass by
For my own amusement
hollow back-stairways
Uninviting and weaving
With hardly a light
To throw shadows in corners
and stepways on steroids
Beneath my feet heaving
Threatening to speak of my comings and going.

I have a place
With wild secret nonsense
Where I speak in rhyme
And fumble my letters
And whisper and writhe and foretell of one coming
With hooves and umbrellas
And sex in a bottle
Incantations and whistles
My fingertips drumming.

I have a place
With dread secret passages
I'll juggle your dreams
If you dare to listen
To my travels and playtime
My wailing and rapping
My haunting and laughter
Mad mourningful singing
I creep along
Never boring of darkness
And conjure up company
For no special reason.


  1. This is just some silly stuff-- a break from the heaviness that usually fills me. For more serious poetry, for my best, click on "death of a 6 yr old". And by the way, people LOVE COMMENTS!

  2. I love this wild secret place of nonsense that makes sense to me. I too have secret passages that link rooms either empty but for shadow and echo, or filled with light, animated people and creatures and the scent of fun.

  3. WOW! Nicew Lily! We should leave maps to these secret places.