Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Pushed away
my good-sleep nights

at the Gate of Dreams

Holder of the wide-awakes
Holder of me


cold at my back

Wrapped in his nothing

Now they crawl in bold
between awakes and asleeps and heat

Dead things

I do not trust the Night
that leaves rendered sheets Unholy

and Dreams not fit for Dreamers

like me.


  1. Very telling title and great use of alliteration. You capture the in-between of unsettling nights, and the disconnect of the one dreaming from what may emerge from the subconscious.

  2. Creepily real images here, and a totally accurate capture of that feeling of ultimate alone one gets when someone is physically there but it doesn't help. Excellent poem.

    Miridunn, I'm so glad you did a one shot--I follow your twitter relentlessly and enjoy every word but was unaware you blogged poetry. YAY!!

  3. Very Lovecraftian, at least it was for me. Simple clear images that evoke deeper disturbances in the reader. We are connected,yet isolated in our dreams.

    It appeals to my darker nature.

  4. Wow guys! I am so thrilled by your thoughtful comments! Truly - am so pleased you were willing & able to express the effect the poem had on you. Wow

  5. Tsk, tsk. One should never half-spoon. *shakes head* If you can't commit to the spoon, great shame...

    *chuckles* In seriousness though: very constructive piece. The form it has taken puts all the breaths, the pauses, in the right place - arranges the flow splendidly for the execution of a darker tale. I can see her - tossing at night, uncertain, unsettled, disconnected from reality in that haze of questioning - what is real? What yet might haunt our dreams? Lonely, dark, yet descriptive and delightful picture painted for us. Fine work.

  6. Interesting piece, covering the unsettled nights, unholy and not fit for dreamers... those nights can be tough.

  7. ooooow wonderfully visual descriptive of the dark toss turn of the night restless alone conflict of the mind unsettled ... yes i feel all this and much much more reading your works again magic your power with the word is brilliant Beez :)) loVethisidoidoido

  8. Its beautiful, you can really feel the depth in your heart. Lots of us who write hope to connect through words and when we read something this beautiful, we know we've succeeded.

  9. Just stumbled onto your site from Twitter... I have a lot of reading to get caught up on! :-)

    Love the poems so far!

  10. Oh WOW! I really need to get a comment-alert set up so I can enjoy these wonderful words! I truly am humbled by your kind observations of my poetry

  11. Bookmarked and very well appreciated. "Dr Rex Dexter" has a couple of Poems here and there. Let me know what you think if you read them.
    I like that you eloquently paint a picture with your words.
    R "Ric" Andrew Ohge aka Dr Rex Dexter